Tea, Toast, and Trivia Podcast with Rebecca Budd (Part 2)

Blogger, Photographer, Traveler, and All-Around Nice Person, Rebecca Budd

After 63 years (31 of those in front of kids teaching each day), I should be familiar with my voice, yet hearing it on a broadcast always surprises me. I used to volunteer with a great organization called Society for the Blind and read newspaper articles on live radio or my cellphone for the blind or those with limited vision. When I’d hear a replay of the audio, it surprised me each time. Is that what I sound like?

I recently had that feeling again after appearing on Rebecca Budd’s entertaining podcast, Tea, Toast, and Trivia, for the second time. On the first occasion, Rebecca and I discussed what it meant to be a lifelong learner, but this time she invited me to read a couple of passages from my book, They Call Me Mom. https://www.amazon.com/They-Call-Mom-Difference-Elementary-ebook/dp/B07YBL8DPY It reminded me of how much I enjoy reading to an audience, whether it be children, seniors, or listeners from her audience.

If you’d like to listen, Rebecca always has interesting interviews on her blog. https://teatoasttrivia.com/ She handles the audio, and her husband, Don, manages the technical side of things on Amazon, Apple, Google, and Spotify. Here is our discussion, and my opportunity to share two excerpts from my book: 

Anchor https://anchor.fm/teatoasttrivia/episodes/Pete-Springer-Reading-They-Call-Me-Mom-e1l1et4


WordPress:  TeaToastTrivia   https://teatoasttrivia.com/2022/07/11/season-4-episode-29-pete-springer-reading-they-call-me-mom/

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